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Our team of trained agents is here to help you solve any tricky cases that you are dealing with. We work under strict professional standards that help us require evidence to give you a peaceful mind.

Why You Should Trust Us

We understand that some cases we deal with are close personal matters, that requires a certain trust for someone on the outside to help deal with. Our top priority is closing cases in a swift and professional manner.

Strictly Confidential

A lot of cases that we deal with are often sensitive situations that needed to be kept confidential and we understand that completely.

Highly Trained

We are fully trained when it comes to all aspects of private investigation work with multi-disciplined skills and methods we’ve adapted.

Swift Responses

When we are working with you on your case, we make sure to keep you inside the loop with any developments to help solve it.

Work Nationwide

We operate around the United Kingdom for any cases, this helps us achieve the results that you deserve.

Our Skilled Private Investigators Can Help You

We’ve grown to become one of the UK’s most respected investigation agencies with many successful cases and happy clients.

Here at Gallantry Investigations, we have a professionally dedicated multi-skilled team that is tenacious in getting results for you. We are based in the Wirral but operate all around the United Kingdom for our cases. Over the years we have adopted the latest technical methods and advances. 

Our skills range from logistical work, due diligence to practical skills we’ve developed over our years of experience in private investigation. We’ve assisted people from all backgrounds with an understanding approach with realistic time-frames on getting the best results.

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our services

Our expert private detectives work inside within the bounds of the law to make sure our clients get results without causing unnecessary attention. We deal with these cases for our clients.


We gather well-documented evidence for legal teams, commercial and personal cases. through surveillance by having access to the latest high-quality technology.

Infidelity Issues

Are you in a situation where you are starting to suspect that your partner is unfaithful in your relationship? We’ll help set the truth right, solve your anxiety and stress with us today.

Tracing Investigator

If you have no idea where to start on looking to track down an old family member, a past acquaintance or someone who owes you a debt. We can help you trace and pinpoint whereabouts for you to contact to help reacquaint or settle outstanding payments.

Insurance Investigation

We want you to avoid any to be paying unnecessary payouts claims. Our investigation skills can help you settle anything from personal injury claims to industrial claims.

Company Background Checks

It’s important to know who you are going into business with, that’s we help executives and company analysts. Let us help you make the correct decision.


We survey both residential and commercial properties to identify weaknesses and provide clear security patrol dogs to patrol premises necessary.


We can provide fully-trained & professional bodyguards, residential/estate security teams and security/protection.


We undertake investigations, due to diligence and surveillance. Our team is able to successfully deploy a bug sweeping team.


Our carefully selected and highly trained Close Protection Officers (CPOs) will work with you to create a security solution ensuring potential threats to you and your family are mitigated in the office, at home and whilst travelling. We use psychological profiling to match the Personal Protection Officer to the client, ensuring a more effective and productive relationship. We can also facilitate requests for specific languages, gender and paediatric medical skills, ensuring a holistic level of physical protection whether you are travelling on business, face existential threats in your life or require supportive security services.

Our CPOs and Executive Protection teams provide protective services for both private and corporate clients, mitigating risk and providing a layer of protection and reassurance. Our operators are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the United Kingdom and other regulatory bodies in respective nations. Additional skills include local knowledge, medical and cultural awareness. We regularly provide bodyguards in the UK and bodyguards in Europe.

For some of our clients, personal protection may feel too intrusive or unnecessary and as such we also offer protective surveillance officers and protective surveillance teams, observing from a discreet but safe distance and utilising sophisticated equipment.

Gallantry Close Protection & Investigations Senior Management Team personally conduct quality control checks and invite external auditing of all quality management processes under the International Standards of ISO 9001. We carry out protective services for clients across the globe.



Gallantry Investigations are proud to work closely with Trauma Research UK and are actively fundraising in order to help raise funds to offer support and recovery programmes to those suffering from trauma and anxiety-related disorders such as phobias, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD, GAD.

Need us to help solve a case for you?

You can fill out our contact form and we will get back to you. If you need to speak with us, you can also reach us by calling the number below.

our testimonials

We’re know for being a silent partner but these clients we’ve helped have been happy to say how much we’ve helped their cases.

A truly great service. Gallantry Investigations kept me constantly in the loop with with prompt and detailed chats, they were very professional in the manner that they dealt with the case and helped bring new light into our matter. thank you for all of your help!


Me and my family were trying to track down an old relative from the past who was off-grid on all forms of social media so we didn't now where to turn so we reached out to gallantry investigations who helped give us contact details and his whereabouts in a quick turnaround!

Natasha Grimstone Client

Gallantry Investigations went above and beyond to help me uncover some information on a shifty trademans that I believed was grifting me. The service was top quality with them helping to track him down and helped make an informed decision.


I'd higly recommend this company to anyone who may be struggling to deal with insurance fraud and has concerns that they are getting swindled like myself. These guys are truly honest in their approach and excellent communication throughout the job. If you have any doubts in your mind, these guys can help put it to to rest for you.

James Cooper Client

Most Asked Questions About Private Investigaton


Yes 100%, we strictly work in the guidance of the UK Laws and Regulations. We are completely ICO registered that's to ensure any data we collect for you is protected and any other parties involved.


Like with many services you come across, private investigation is a complex service and prices vary a lot through the time spent on the job, the needs to successfully finish the case. If you are wanting a service such as a background check on a company a one-time process, you'd be looking at one fee whereas if you are looking to track someone for a certain amount of time the prices will vary. Contact us today and we will offer you a free quote based on your case with fair and honest pricing.


Discretion is the most important aspect when it comes to Private Investigation and our team upholds that standard completely. Nobody will know you are working with us and after the case has finished, nobody will know you've worked with us unless you are open about it. People that we track will not know they are being tracked and your meetings with us will not be recorded and be in private.