About Gallantry Investigations


Gallantry Investigations is an independent private investigator & detective agency that covers the whole of the United Kingdom. We provide a high-quality dedicated multi-skilled approach when it comes to investigation that we have learned over the years.

Our services have helped personal & professional matters, commercial enterprises, legal professions and various industries. As our job to you is to uncover information that is highly sensitive and, should be completely confidential. You can rely on us that your discretion is relied upon.

We pride ourselves on our ability to get you results, we understand that every case is different and there are circumstances we must take into factor but we are dedicated to finding a solution with various investigation methods.

Due to this, we have built a solid reputation over the years with our clients for getting results and helping solve anything from martial problems to legal problems.

We've had years of experience when it comes to private investigating, not only are we fully trained for any situation that may occur on a job but we've been around the block and this helps us make smart decisions when it comes to bringing you results.

This allows us to see cases from a realistic point of view, the time it will require in order to complete it, and how much it will cost.

We operate in the Merseyside area but we have nationwide coverage when dealing with clients. As our work may involve finding sensitive information and that can involve in traveling to certain parts of the United Kingdom if they are traveling around a lot.

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We understand that some cases we deal with are close personal matters, that requires a certain trust for someone on the outside to help deal with. Our top priority is closing cases in a swift and professional manner.

Strictly confidential

A lot of cases that we deal with are often sensitive situations that needed to be kept confidential and we understand that completely.

Highly Trained

We are fully trained when it comes to all aspects of private investigation work with multi-disciplined skills and methods we’ve adapted.

Swift Respones

When we are working with you on your case, we make sure to keep you inside the loop with any developments to help solve it.

Work Nationwide

We operate around the United Kingdom for any cases, this helps us achieve the results that you deserve.

What services do we cover

There are many conditions when we are called upon to help you, we can help solve anything from easing your anxiety about whether your partner is unfaithful or a false insurance claim,

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We gather well documented evidence for legal teams, commerical and personal cases. through surveillance by having access to the latest high-quality technology.

Infidelity leads to conflicts and un fulfilling relationship

Infidelity Issues

Are you in a situation where you are starting to suspect that your partner is unfaithful in your relationship? We’ll help set the truth right, solve your anxiety and stress with us today.

Insurance concepts

Insurance Investigation

We want you to avoid any to be paying unnecessary payouts claims. Our investigation skills can help you settle anything from personal injury claims to industrial claims.

A man with a map

Tracing Investigator

If you have no idea on where to start on looking to track down an old family member, a past acquaintance or someone owes you a debt. We can help you trace and pinpoint whereabouts for you to contact to help reacquaint or settle outstanding payments.

Handshake Business Men Concept

Company Background Checks

It’s important to know who you are going into business with, that’s we help executives and company analysts. Let us help you make the correct informed decision.



Find more of our services here at Gallantry Investigations, if you are looking for a service that isn’t mentioned on our website, please contact us for a bespoke service for your needs.