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Infidelity Issues

We are here to help you when you are starting to feel that your significant other is currently being unfaithful. Nobody wants to accuse their partner of cheating with no evidence, but sometimes the stress and anxiety can be too much to handle.

We’ve put together some signs of potential cheating signs from your partner:

We understand that these signs don’t mean they are unfaithful but cases we’ve worked on over the years have had these behavioral patterns.

Once you’ve reached out to us with details and facts from you about your partner, we will begin setting up surveillance, background checks.

Through our surveillance and checks, we’ll do a full detailed report with the footage we’ve collected through the evidence we’ve found online and in everyday life. Each report will always be confidential to you.

Start easing your mind today by reaching out to us.


We have many years of experience in Surveillance and have high training with trusted up-to-date technology to help you get to the bottom of any case. Evidence that we gather through Surveillance can be a major key in proving your case in a matter of law.

When you hire from Gallantry Investigations, you can guarantee that we are approaching our Surveillance with professional discipline, complete situational awareness, and decision-making.

What Surveillance do we deal in?

What cases does Surveillance help in? Top-quality surveillance services can put to bed any employee theft, fraudulent claims against your business, and many more.

We offer a bespoke Surveillance service depending on your cases, contact us today and we will discuss your best move.

tracing investigator

Has someone gone missing close to you? It can be anyone from a friend, long-lost relative or someone you used to work with. Our tracing service can even help any businesses track down people who owe you a debt.

If you have no experience in tracing down people, it can be a very stressful experience. You don’t know where to start, you’re trying to juggle time between other jobs in your daily life.

Take away the stress and allow you to save time in your life by getting our experts with tracing skills acquired over the years on finding that missing person.

Before we start, it’s crucial that you give us any possible information that you have many to begin the job. If the information isn’t detailed, we will still always work 100% on getting you results.

When we’ve successfully tracked down the person/persons in question we will provide you with contact details for you to reach out to them. We will not contact the person in question and will leave that up to you depending you want to contact them.

We operate inside the privacy laws and data protection, so you don’t have to worry.

Insurance investigation

Are you a victim of insurance fraud? Nobody wants to be paying out thousands in insurance by someone claiming an overexaggerated injury in order for a larger payout.

If you are starting to suspect that this is the case and you believe that fraud is being committed. Having evidence that proves this could end up saving you thousands of pounds.

These are different types of insurance scams you could be facing against:

Our process begins by getting a full brief by you with all details, thoughts you may be having on the case and as every case is often different regarding the person in question, we will find the best way to give you the evidence needed.

We follow strict procedures and regulations in the UK when getting information for you.


As a business or company owner, it’s key to know who exactly we are going into business in from everything from a financial standpoint to a personal background to understand a director’s past.

A lot of companies do background checks on companies they are going into a relationship with to help protect their own reputation, ensuring your company is safe in the future, and also minimises the risk of fraud against you.

A company background check is a large area when it comes to investigation and it involves many different strategies depending on your situation.

This includes:

Just running a simple background check on a company can make all the difference in doing business with someone and will maintain a strong company reputation.

Residential security

A residential security officer home security team or an estate security team can be allocated to mitigate against crime and intrusion in private properties we have teams deployed at estates and private properties across the UK and protecting clients and properties from threats.

We pride ourselves in having the capability to deploy experienced close protection officers and teams in a short time frame so we can seamlessly enhance property security. We deploy intelligent and culturally aware men and women who are pedigree and skill speak for us.

Each of our security team members has special forces or military and police backgrounds. We have vast experience in operations internationally and within Europe, each one is highly trained qualified and fully licensed by the security industry authority (SIA) in the United Kingdom and over regulatory bodies in respective nations to
ensure you receive the best protection.

Gallantry investigations senior management team personally conduct a quality control check and invite external auditing of all quality management processes on the international standards of ISO 9001.

Close protection

Our carefully selected and highly trained Close Protection Officers (CPOs) will work with you to create a security solution ensuring potential threats to you and your family are mitigated in the office, at home and whilst travelling. We use psychological profiling to match the Personal Protection Officer to the client, ensuring a more effective and productive relationship. We can also facilitate requests for specific languages, gender and paediatric medical skills, ensuring a holistic level of physical protection whether you are travelling on business, face existential threats in your life or require supportive security services.

Our CPOs and Executive Protection teams provide protective services for both private and corporate clients, mitigating risk and providing a layer of protection and reassurance. Our operators are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the United Kingdom and other regulatory bodies in respective nations. Additional skills include local knowledge, medical and cultural awareness. We regularly provide bodyguards in the UK and bodyguards in Europe.

For some of our clients, personal protection may feel too intrusive or unnecessary and as such we also offer protective surveillance officers and protective surveillance teams, observing from a discreet but safe distance and utilising sophisticated equipment.

Gallantry Close Protection & Investigations Senior Management Team personally conduct quality control checks and invite external auditing of all quality management processes under the International Standards of ISO 9001. We carry out protective services for clients across the globe.